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Find the Right Fit for You


1 to 1

Women Only

Boxing Gloves
Kickboxing Practice

From 10yrs+

North Kent Amateur Boxing Club is for those that have a passion for this sport and want to pursue it. 

You will train with qualified and registered coaches in technique, stamina and competition on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday's. This club will give you the skills and knowledge to compete on the amateur boxing circuit and maybe even the Pro circuit one day.

Tailor made fitness

Your personal session with the coach. We will discuss your goals, abilities and experience before designing a plan that caters to your individual needs. We consider a diversity of elements and modifications to suit a range of difficulties, from beginner to advanced.

Our techniques and personal guidance will help you build a strong body and focused mind from which you will empower all other areas of your life.

Who run the world.......?

We know that Boxing in a mixed class can sometimes be intimidating. That's why we hold a female only session, but this is not boxercise!

Our class is for all Ladies who want to get fit, get strong and stay safe. Our coaches will teach you boxing technique along side stamina, strengthening and core exercises.

If you want to get your sweat on, in a comfortable environment, this is for you.

Give us a call to learn about our full schedule of classes & book your session

Services & Schedule: Classes

4.30 PM - 5.30 PM
Every Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

North Kent ABC

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Daytime & Evening slots available
Monday -Saturday

1-1 Sessions

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Currently Suspended

Check back soon for updates.

Women Only Class

Services & Schedule: Schedule


Find the Right Fit for You


Wheelchair Boxing

No Weakness, Only Heart

We want to make boxing accessible to all. This class is for all the wheelchair users who thought they could never be involved with this sport, because you can!

You will work on building upper body strength and boxing technique, but our classes are not standard, we take each individual's abilities into account and modify exercises to suit you.

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Specialist Classes

Classes in the Community

We don't just focus on the individual. Our aim is to spark a passion for boxing in a new generation, whilst reigniting the flame in the previous generation.

That's why we offer in-house specialist classes for schools, sports teams, retirement and care homes and corporate businesses.

Among its many benefits, participating helps improve concentration, discipline, and focus. Reduces anxiety and stress, can help improve memory as well as offering some much needed social interaction time.

If you have a club or class that could benefit from this contact us now for more details and availability.

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Kids Playing

Summer Holiday Sessions

K.O. Kids Summer boredom

Our all-day sessions of summer fun. Lots of activities to keep the kids active, including Boxing training, outdoor games and group challenges. Open for kids aged 7 - 15yrs.


For dates, prices or booking, contact our team now!

Services & Schedule: Classes

Currently Suspended

Check back soon for class times.

Wheelchair Boxing

Daytimes (as agreed)
Monday - Friday

Specialist Classes

July & August
Tuesdays & Thursdays only

Summer Holiday Sessions

Services & Schedule: Schedule
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